Glasgow Transit Map – Angus Doyle

Angus Doyle is a Glasgow based graphic designer.

As a fan of transit map design, I recently stumbled across Angus’ work, a redesign of the Glasgow Rail Network. This revised map was heavily influenced by Vignelli’s iconic New York transit map.


New York Subway Map (1972) – Massimo Vignelli

Angus’ new design is not only a beautiful piece of design in itself, but it also efficiently performs its function due to the extensive applied design theory which went into its layout.

Glasgow Rail - A3 - PNG - 300

All the elements have a defined relationship to the other parts of the diagram, which are applied consistently across the whole map.

Design Guide - PNG

The map is held together with some very consistent sizing and spacing of elements.

Design Guide - Spacing - PNGPhysical-Schematic - PNG

As well as being laid out perfectly with a solid grid system, the map is filled with lovely design touches that really set it apart: I particularly like the water texture that was applied to the line symbolising the River Clyde.

Snapshot - 1200 - 1   Snapshot - 1200_1800 - 10

I would recommend visiting Angus’ blog where he details his rationale and thought process in producing this map, going into detail about his colour theory and branding of the transit system.

Snapshot - Branding